Soteinpe, professional customer service

"We are committed to do things well, for our own interest, and for the benefit of the society, our employees and specially our customers".

Mission - Vision - Targets


Grupo Soteinpe exists to serve the needs of the oil sector offering always the maximum quality and professionalism to our customers, in a sustainable and stable framework for our workers and the interests of shareholders.


We offer our market the best installations and products in the sector, creating satisfactory relations for the customer, based on a sustainable and long-term mutual benefit.


Generating added values and strategic alliances, may we expand our presence in international markets.


We are committed to offering the best work together with the best human team. Complementary and continuous formation is offered to our clients and employees in order to improve their technical knowledge.

our history


Soteinpe was founded to perform the installation and maintenance of all types of petrol facilities and service stations.


The Quality system ISO 9002 is implemented to the production, and its subsequent certification by AENOR. The quality certificade ISO 9001:2008 was obtained in the year 1998.


Soteinpe acquires Cistas S.L.
Company with over 21 years of experience in the manufacture of tanks for the storage of fuel, aerial and buried, of single and double wall, according to the UNE-62350 and UNE-12285 standards.


Cistas Industrial obtained the quality certificate ISO 9001:2008 for the production processes.


Soteinpe creates Tank-Rent S.L., company engaged in the rental of fuel supply systems for public Works, administration,.etc.


Creation of KPS Ibérica, joint venture between Soteinpe and Kungsörs Plast System AB,Swedish multinational established as one of the leading companies worldwide in the manufacture of polyethylene pipes for petrol products.


3S Engineering Solutions for Refueling, is set up in response to the needs of the internalization and export of Grupo Soteinpe.


Creation of Polipetrol, company dedicated to the manufacture of polyester products for the petrol sector.


We celebrate 25 years of our business project, with a great eagerness and a new internal organization oriented to the improvement of our clients attention as well as the incorporation of new complementary services such as image and prices totem’s creation or the installation and maintenance of car wash centers.